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Breast Reconstruction Rochester

While the idea of having your breast(s) removed can seem overwhelming, and devastating, there are many outstanding options for achieving a beautiful breast reconstruction.  Dr. Jacobson has revolutionized minimally invasive breast reconstruction and is considered an expert in the field of breast reconstruction, using implants and fat grafting, in the United States and around the world.  

Pre-pectoral (above the chest muscle), or termed minimally invasive breast reconstruction, has the ability to provide a long term soft shapely breast. The technique involves the use of Acellular Dermis Matrix (ADM), instead of the chest muscle, to preserve the breast shape by creating an internal support that relieves pain and eliminates muscle animation (movement of the breast due to contraction of the chest muscle) that is a significant and sometimes debilitating issue with older techniques.

If you have previously undergone breast reconstruction and are frustrated by asymmetry, a firm or painful reconstructed breast, or bothered by movement of your breast with flexing of the chest muscle, Dr. Jacobson may have some life changing options for you.  Pain, animation deformity, <> and capsular contracture can be effectively treated with an out patient procedure with minimal downtime simply by putting the chest muscle back where it belongs and placing the supported implants on top of the muscle, sometimes utilizing your own tissue (fat grafting) as a combined technique. A breast made completely from your tissue through serial fat transfers is an option for those patients who prefer not to use implants.  

Dr. Jacobson would love to sit down with you and discuss appropriate options specific to your needs.  Once your treatment goals are understood, a tailored approach will be designed and you can soon look forward to looking and feeling great.