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Arm Lift Rochester

While the health benefits reward your effort after losing a considerable amount of weight, the results for body self-image can have an unexpected paradoxical effect. Looseness and laxity of redundant skin in the arms, breasts, abdomen, and thigh can be beyond frustrating.  Bat wings look great on Batman, but it stops there.  An arm lift procedure or brachioplasty, is a procedure recommended for men and women who are bothered by excess skin due to significant weight loss, or skin aging, under the arm.  If you feel that your arms fit this description, you can be reassured that there are outstanding options to achieve the results you desire to restore your natural arm contour.  Arm lift procedures enhance and contour the upper arm area by removing redundant skin, and restoring one’s confidence in the appearance of their upper extremities, and subsequently their upper body. It’s time to look as good as you feel.

Arm Lift FAQ

1. Will arm lift surgery leave any scars?

An arm lift does leave post-surgical marks along the incision site. However, these are usually made in areas that are not visible to others. There are also injections of certain medications and treatments that can soften the appearance of scars over time.

2. Does insurance cover the arm lift procedure?

Most insurance plans don’t cover the arm lift procedure. However, if you are getting the procedure done because of limited arm functionality or other reasons that are not purely aesthetic, insurance may cover some portion of the procedure. Contact your insurance provider to know more.

3. How long will it take for me to recover from the procedure?

Everyone heals differently. However, it is expected that you will have to stay at home for a minimum of two weeks after the procedure. It will take somewhere between four and six weeks for you to get back to your normal activities.

4. What can I expect after the procedure?

To minimize the swelling, the doctor will wrap your arm in elastic bandages. They might also place tubes in your arm for draining excess fluids. If your doctor has used non-dissolvable stitches, you will have to get them removed manually after a couple of weeks.

5. Is the recovery period painful?

You will experience some discomfort during the arm lift recovery period. You will also have some swelling, bruising, and soreness, which will lessen after a couple of days. Place pillows under your arms to keep them elevated as it reduces swelling and increases circulation. If needed, you can ask your doctor to prescribe pain medications. Wear something comfortable like loose clothing that can be put on and off easily. Keep an eye on the site of the incision for any changes.

Excellent patient information and care. Extremely easy to work with and very responsive to questions and concerns. Perfect outcome from surgery, just as I had hoped for. Very knowledgeable and willing to talk about possible procedures and outcomes.
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