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Brow Lift
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When it comes to facial rejuvenation, a brow lift can do wonders for your appearance. While a brow lift focuses on tightening loose skin around the forehead area, the benefits of the procedure help give your face an overall more youthful appearance. At Jacobson Plastic Surgery, we offer several brow lift options for our patients in Rochester.

Types of Brow Lift Procedures

Depending on the issues you want to address, you can choose from various kinds of brow lift procedures. Some procedures can lift the forehead area, some aim to remove wrinkles and fine lines, and others deal with muscles and tissues on the forehead.

These are the three most common types of brow lift procedures:

  1. Coronal Brow Lift: This is the most common kind of brow lift procedure. Also known as a traditional brow lift, in a coronal brow lift, the surgeon makes incisions behind the area around the hairline. This procedure is used to raise the forehead area to a higher position on the head. It’s ideal for people who are suffering from hair loss, have a large forehead or have thin hair in general. After the forehead area is raised, any excess or overlapping skin is carefully removed.
  2. Limited Incision Brow Lift: This procedure involves making longer incisions on the area behind the hairline. It’s used to reposition the underlying tissue and improve the appearance of the temple and brow.
  3. Endoscopic Brow Lift: In this procedure, the surgeon makes multiple incisions behind the hairline. Through these incisions, a tiny camera is inserted into the forehead. This is the endoscope. Through this camera, the surgeon can see and accurately assess the position of the underlying tissues and muscles. The surgeon uses this information to adjust the muscles and tissues before closing the incision area

During the Procedure

A brow lift is an outpatient procedure. It can be combined with other procedures, such as eyelid surgery or a facelift. During the procedure, Dr. Jacobson will administer either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.

Before the procedure, Dr. Jacobson will discuss your medical history and perform a physical examination and will ask you what your desired results are. Based on your expectations, Dr. Jacobson can help you select the appropriate procedure.

During the procedure, Dr. Jacobson will make incisions on the targeted area. Tissues and muscles can be worked on, or the brow area lifted, depending on your requirements. Finally, the incision areas will be closed by sutures or stitches.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you intend to undergo a brow lift surgery, then you should consider not smoking or drinking ahead of the surgery. If you are a smoker or a drinker, you should inform the surgeon and discuss your options with them. Similarly, if you take any regular medications, you should let them know as well.

The effects of a brow lift are long-lasting, but they aren’t permanent. You can expect to enjoy the effects of your brow lift for many years to come. However, eventually, the effects of both aging and environmental factors can cause issues such as sagging, lines, and wrinkles to reappear.

Brow Lift Recovery

After your operation, Dr. Jacobson will let you know how you should take care of the affected area. The affected area will be loosely bandaged to help aid the recovery process and mitigate the chances of possible infection. Pain medication will be prescribed. You may also need to elevate your head while you’re lying down for a few days.

Although you can perform many of your daily activities from the next day, you may need to avoid taking baths or washing your face for a few days. Your surgeon will let you know when you can resume all daily activities again.

The sutures and stitches can be removed within ten days of the surgery. Following this, as long as you take care of the affected area, it should recover well.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are bothered by the wrinkled or saggy appearance of your brow and forehead, contact Jacobson plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation for your brow lift in Rochester. Dr. Jacobson Is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial rejuvenation procedures.

Excellent patient information and care. Extremely easy to work with and very responsive to questions and concerns. Perfect outcome from surgery, just as I had hoped for. Very knowledgeable and willing to talk about possible procedures and outcomes.
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