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Breast Lift Rochester

Age takes its toll on everyone, and with women, this can become very evident in the shape, height, and firmness of their breasts. Age, pregnancy, heredity, weight loss or gain, and breastfeeding can dramatically change a woman’s breasts. They can sag, become uneven, and lose volume. Additionally, the size and location of the nipples can change.

A breast lift procedure, or mastopexy, addresses these issues. It helps revitalize your breasts, giving them a good shape and lift. It results in an overall more youthful appearance by making your breasts firm and shapely. Thousands of women around the world undergo breast lift procedures and are very satisfied with the results.

When Should You Consider a Breast Lift Procedure?

This procedure is ideal for women who are looking to improve the appearance of sagging breasts. Breast lift surgery can also correct the areolae and nipples if they have become stretched due to nursing.

If you are looking for a way to increase breast volume during your mastopexy procedure but do not want to add breast implants, fat grafting can be performed. This option harvests fatty tissue from trouble areas of the body, purifies it, and carefully injects it into the breasts to add size and projection.

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Before Breast Lift
After Breast Lift


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How Is the Procedure Performed?

Before the procedure is conducted, Dr. Jacobson will select the best breast lift technique to help reshape your breasts. This involves choosing incision patterns and locations. This decision will be made based on the shape and size of your breasts, the size and position of your areolae, the degree of sagging, skin elasticity and quality, and the amount of extra skin to be removed.

This procedure requires general anesthesia. During the procedure, Dr. Jacobson will remove excess skin from your breasts and shift the position of your areolae to a better-suited area. The breast is reshaped by the removal of excess skin. Following the procedure, the incisions will be closed using medical sutures.

What Are the Results of a Breast Lift Procedure?

Once you have completely healed from the surgery, you will notice improved breast shape, symmetry, and projection. Your breasts will appear more youthful and firm. These changes can help you feel good about your appearance and build more confidence.

Recovery and Aftercare

Immediately after your breast lift surgery, your breasts will be bandaged. You will be asked to wear a post-surgical compression garment, which will help retain the breasts’ new shape and control any swelling and bruising. Any discomfort should wear off completely in a couple of days.

Before you undergo the breast lift procedure, ask Dr. Jacobson how long you will need to stay away from your normal work and activity. Patients are typically free to return to their regular routine within a week after the procedure, but they must make sure to avoid strenuous physical activities.

You are advised to limit your movement for a couple of days after surgery. Avoid bending, lifting, or straining your upper body in order to make the healing process as short and easy as possible, and make sure you sleep on your back for at least month.

Your Breast Lift Consultation

Speak with Dr. Jacobson to learn more about the breast lift procedure, the recovery process, and the technique options that would work best for you. To schedule an appointment for an informative consultation, contact us today.