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What Is a Breast Reduction Like?

Published on December 9, 2019

When you have breasts that are too large for your body, you may suffer from numerous issues. You may have trouble feeling comfortable in clothing and may also experience back and neck pain, harsh red marks on the shoulders from bra straps, and skin irritation below the breasts. To remedy this situation, many women get breast reduction surgery.

Also known as reduction mammoplasty, a breast reduction operation is a method through which excess skin tissue is removed, along with fatty deposits and glandular breast tissue. To do so, they must first create an incision.

The shape, size, and location of this incision are dictated by the needs of the patient. If a fair amount of tissue needs to be removed, the incision will be larger.

The breast reduction recovery process will require patience, but once it is complete, patients enjoy a better quality of life. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions in order to avoid any complications during the healing period.

Dr. Steven R. Jacobson is a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience. Contact our office today to set up a breast reduction consultation with Dr. Jacobson.