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Breast Fat Grafting Rochester

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Fat injections (micro fat grafting) can be used to restore volume and reshape a breast that has become depleted due to aging, or restore a localized area that has been removed due to biopsy or excision. The procedure can be combined with other breast surgery, such as a breast lift, augmentation with (or without) implants, revision implant surgery, or reconstructive breast surgery. It can add the ‘finishing touch’, or it can be used as a stand alone procedure. The harvest area (where the fat is removed) is usually the abdomen, love handle area, or thighs. When used precisely and skillfully, fat injections play a critical role in achieving a beautiful rejuvenation that provides an immediate and lasting benefit. Fat grafting has revolutionized reconstructive and aesthetic breast procedures. Dr. Jacobson utilizes this technique in the majority of his cases, and is considered an expert.

Why Undergo Breast Fat Grafting?

Breast fat grafting is a procedure where fat is injected into the breast to create more volume. It can also be used to conceal any defects in the breast, such as dents or dimples.

Breast fat grafting is a good alternative for women who want larger breasts but are opposed to breast implants. Fat grafting is also a possibility for women who have already gotten breast implants.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Because breast fat grafting employs fat from the patient’s own body instead of silicone or saline implants for breast augmentation, there is a lower risk of rejection. Because of this, the procedure is available for a large number of patients. It’s especially beneficial for women who are unhappy with their breasts but also have excess fat.

Women who lost a lot of breast volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding are good candidates for this procedure. Patients who have had their breast implants removed may also be suitable candidates for breast fat grafting. Their breasts have already been expanded by the prior implant and should easily accept the fat.

Breast fat grafting is a good option for women who have had multiple capsular contractures due to implants. This approach is also beneficial for women who have large hips but small breasts, since hips with a lot of excess fat can be a good source of donor fat.

Good candidates are physically healthy and are not pregnant or breastfeeding. Ideal candidates have realistic expectations in terms of results.

The Procedure

The majority of breast fat grafting procedures are performed under general anesthesia. Breast fat grafting begins with Dr. Jacobson labeling your body with a pen to match the color-coded surgical plan, indicating where he will harvest and place fat.

The procedure begins with the removal of fat from your body, which can be done in one or more locations. If there is a particularly high amount of extra fat in one region, it may be the only place to harvest.

For fat harvesting, Dr. Jacobson will employ manual liposuction. After harvesting, the surgical team will refine and concentrate the tissue by eliminating oil, blood, and water with a centrifuge.

Dr. Jacobson will then painstakingly sculpt each breast with the refined tissue, giving it a natural appearance. This will involve injecting small amounts of fat, making thousands of passes through tiny openings in the lower breast fold and areola. It takes three to five hours to complete the process.


The number of donor sites Dr. Jacobson used for fat grafting determines the length of time of your recovery. After the surgery, compression dressings are applied to both the harvest and grafting areas.

You may have minimal discomfort, which can be treated effectively with oral pain medication. It is common to experience minor bruising and swelling at the treatment areas, which will go away within 2 to 3 weeks.

What Results Can Be Expected?

Each surgery can enhance your breasts by one cup size on average. Further expansion would almost always necessitate additional surgeries. Breast fat grafting provides transferred fat with a blood supply, allowing it to live longer. All breast growth that persists four months after surgery will be permanent.

Schedule Your Consultation

As one of the most well-regarded plastic surgeons performing breast fat grafting in Rochester, Dr. Steven R. Jacobson is here to answer all your questions about micro fat grafting. To confirm whether you are an ideal candidate for breast fat grafting, contact us today to schedule your in-person consultation.

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