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Facial Procedures Rochester

Do you remember that first time you looked in a mirror or saw a picture and said – is that really me? Are you frustrated that people are asking if you’re tired or stressed?

The premise that you have to just “live with it” and look your age while you feel years younger is non-sense. We would all love to do something about our sagging neck, jowls, or bags under the eyes but the fear is we don’t want to look like we’ve had something done. We fear the over pulled, tight or wind blown look that is often seen as part of the typical “facelift” in magazines.

Did you know that a well-performed facial rejuvenation can look beautiful and natural? It’s all about understanding the aging process and knowing the techniques to correct it.

After completing 7 years of surgical training at Mayo Clinic Dr. Jacobson spent a full year of training dedicated to correcting the aging face, specifically to achieve natural and beautiful results. In his own plastic surgical practice at Mayo he published his work in surgical journals on the safety of these procedures in his hands.

Dr. Jacobson would love to meet you and discuss what options are right for you, some may just take minutes of your time. It’s time to look as good as you feel.