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Blepharoplasty Rochester

If your eyes are the windows to your soul why would you want to portray a look with laxity, sagging, drooping eyelids? Looking tired, your eyes no longer reflect how you feel, misrepresenting you and how you are truly feeling.

Upper eyelid aging is a common problem of facial aging. It’s certainly the main contributor to the look of tiredness that comes with aging.

Eyes that once added youth and brightness to the face now appear flat and dull, having lost their expression under a layer of droopy skin. When left unattended, in the extreme scenario, it can even affect your peripheral vision and ability to see a normal field of vision.
Upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) rejuvenates and freshens the eyes.

With only a small incision, carefully concealed in the eyelid crease, corrective eyelid surgery becomes nearly undetectable within months. Surgery to the upper lids restores an attractive contour and the eyes look bright and youthful but meticulous care in this delicate area is taken by Dr Jacobson, so the result looks natural.

With extensive training and expertise in facial rejuvenation Dr. Jacobson looks forward to addressing your areas of concern and create a treatment plan that will focus on achieving your desired look. Blending conventional treatment approaches with the latest advances in aesthetic techniques, Dr. Jacobson’s advanced training and experience will provide you with a comfortable procedure, with minimal downtime and beautiful natural looking results.