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Breast Revision Rochester

There are few things in life that are more frustrating than when something doesn’t go according to plan. When expectations are not met or when bumps in the road happen it can make us question the choice we made.

If you’ve had augmentation with breast implants and your result isn’t what you were hoping for it doesn’t mean you have to live with it. If you’ve been told that “that’s just part of having implants”- it may not be. Muscle animation or the jumping breast can be fixed.

Over time the breast ages as well as the implant. Occasionally the breast will descend off the implant in time causing a “waterfall” deformity or snoopy dog appearance. Some older implants are prone to firmness and occasionally accompanying pain.

Before & After


Before Breast Revision
After Breast Revision


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The silver lining in this is we have really good options to fix these issues. So whether is be Size, Shape, Symmetry, Rippling, Contracture, or a combination of these issues we came come up with a treatment plan.

Today we have more options than ever with regard to implant size, shape, and feel. Whether it’s a natural look or a full upper pole there are implants that can match your desired outcome.

Even if you’re tired of implants and still desire shapely breasts there are options – we can steal some of that unwanted muffin top (fat) and place it in a more desired place, be it in the breast, buttock or face.

From his time at Mayo Clinic Dr. Jacobson saw the most challenging cases that exist, he would love to help you get the result you were hoping for.