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“Dr. Steve Jacobson will always be my “favorite physician””

Published on September 30, 2016

Dr. Jacobson,

How does one express their feelings for a physician who has changed your life physically and emotionally, besides showing such respect for others? He gave me a feeling of confidence that I have never experienced from any physician. He’s made an “old” math teacher confortable with herself for the first time in 65 years and refreshed my optimism of the medical field. Dr. Steve Jacobson will always be my “favorite physician” and it’s my hope that this endorsement has as much of a positive impact on him as he has had on me.

Dr. Steve Jacobson’s smiles, firm handshakes and his caring side has been an incredible change for me to experience in a physician. I didn’t feel like a “number” and wasn’t just “cash”. I was treated as an individual with kindness and caring while he improved my self esteem at the same time. What a gift to give a patient! I’ll always be grateful to Dr. Jacobson for genuinely making me feel that he always had my personal “best interests” in mind.

I feel that “divine intervention” assigned my case to Dr. Steven Jacobson. Before my first appointment I held my breath wondering what this doctor would be like. Would he think I’m too old for corrective surgery? Am I “bothering” a Mayo surgeon? Will I be wasting the doctor’s valuable time from helping others? Will he seem “distant” and appear uncaring? These questions ran through my mind as my husband and I waited for Dr. Jacobson to enter the examination room. The door opened and he greeted each of us with a warm smile and confident handshake. Pulling up a chair, he looked at us “eye to eye” while addressing each of our concerns without giving us a feeling of time pressure as I have felt elsewhere in the past. He also gave extra time to think about any other questions that I may have, making me feel like I was his only patient. That is a gift that not all physicians possess.